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NetWireless is a multi-disciplinary IT consultancy with expert skills in wireless networking, data capturing and the integration of wireless mobility devices backed up with both remote and field support. We offer experience and low risk, delivering on schedule, on target and within budget to some of Australia's largest organisations operating in the Retail, Logistics, Storage and Sporting sectors.

With the advances in wireless technologies, it has quickly caught, and many cases surpassed the traditional cable network, with current wireless infrastructure offering connection speeds faster than many modern day cabled networks. What's more, not only are modern wireless networks just as fast as their wired counterparts, they are infinitely more versatile, allowing users to move around work environments seamlessly - from desk to meeting room without losing connectivity. In warehousing or storage environments, pickers and drivers can accomplish more, with better speeds allowing access to more complex user interfaces, Voice enabled solutions and device tracking capabilities, giving DC and Warehouse managers more visibility and control of their operations than ever before.

The move away from wired devices also applies to phones, where Voice over IP, or VoIP, technology now allows your staff, no matter the industry, to be contactable at all times, even away from their desks, without the worry of the associated costs of Mobile Phones. The ever increasing fleets of Smart Phones and tablets also benefit from these networks, offering legitimate alternatives to 3g and 4g data networks, reducing costs and enhancing the flexibility these devices already offer.

Outside of the four walls of your office or your warehouse, wireless is going public. Large stadiums and public areas are now expanding into wireless - whether it be for private use of staff and contractors, or internal systems, wireless is becoming a necessity. Devices tailored for this purpose are exploding onto the market, using dual radio and mesh technology, significantly reducing the need to run wired connections to locations, meaning a significant reduction in cost. The ever increasing population of Smart Phone, tablets and Wi-Fi capable devices has an insatiable appetite for outdoor and public Wi-Fi connections.

Our team of experienced Engineers will guide you through every step on your path to a fully wireless environment - helping you to connect, track and ultimately control your wireless network and its clients. No matter what your company does, it is almost certain that wireless will be part of your future, and likely the near future, or perhaps it's part of your present, but you're looking to get more out of it.

No matter where you are on the wireless path, NetWireless stands ready to help you and your network reach its ultimate potential.

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